Our Story


ISIKA is Paris and Belgrade, London and Singapore and many other places. Travelling the world and sharing the feeling of belonging is what awakens our creativity and drives us to design simple, yet elegant dresses for any occasion. In a world where universality is the current trend, ISIKA wishes to bring rarity. The ISIKA dress is a numbered item in a limited series. A non-renewable limited series. Whether in London or Milan, at work or at a party, the ISIKA dress, with its three button signature, empowers the woman who wears it.


Isidora Karajica

I was born and raised in Belgrade, but due to my studies Paris became my second home. My origins, my western education and my travels helped make me who I am. I like discovering new places, meeting new people and sharing experiences. Throughout my studies in economics and finance, I was attracted to entrepreneurship, but it wasn’t easy to take the first step.

While I was working in finance with a strict dress code, it was always difficult to find the right dress at an affordable price. That was the moment that I came up with the idea: a simple yet elegant dress that would be suitable for both work and evenings out. A versatile, chic, jaunty and one-shot dress. ISIKA, the brand for numbered dresses in limited editions was born.

The Creation Process

All ISIKA dresses are hand-made in Serbia, with the utmost love and care. Our know-how and creativity are reflected in each stage of production, from the design to the choice of fabric, to the final touch of the three buttons.

We hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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